SWIID Version 3.1 now available!


January 2, 2012

Version 3.1 of the SWIID is now available here. The primary difference introduced in Version 3.1 is that the data on which the SWIID is based have again been expanded. Now nearly 4500 Gini observations are added to those collected in the UNU-WIDER data, and for many countries the available data extend to 2010. Also, I made one semantic change: to try to avoid confusion among those who neglect to read about the data they use, the series on pre-tax, pre-transfer inequality is now labeled gini_market rather than gini_gross. Otherwise, very small revisions were made to the SWIID routine from Version 3.0. As always, I encourage users of the SWIID to email me with their comments, questions, and suggestions.